Castle Avenue Team at R New York, led by Wei Min Tan, focuses on Manhattan, New York residential condominium property.  We serve local and international clients in (1) buying a residence/vacation home, (2) investing for diversification and long term returns, (3) selling to reallocate capital.


Wei Min has contributed to media including CNN, CNBC, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.  Previously, Wei Min was a banker at Citigroup responsible for a $500 million portfolio.  He has an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a member of REBNY and FIABCI.


A Manhattan resident since 1999, Wei Min lives in Tribeca with his wife and two teenagers.  He does Muay Thai kickboxing and did 352 burpees in 23 mins.

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What Is A Buyer’s Broker?

In New York, everyone has access to properties for sale (streeteasy.com). The value of a buyer's broker is in identifying the right property, negotiating and guiding the buyer client through the process. The buyer's broker represents the interest of the buyer.


Buyer focus is a niche. A buyer's broker needs to be familiar with the entire market. For example, a buyer's broker needs to be familiar with the top buildings in each neighborhood, understand what are the high demand/high appreciation buildings, what are the high supply buildings with too many investors etc. Beyond that, a buyer's broker needs to know what are the preferred apartment lines within each building. Yes, there is a lot to know and the broad knowledge base is necessary to help buyer clients identify what is a good buy.



Wei Min background introduction

CNBC interview - are we in a bubble?

Hiring a buyer's broker


Foreign Buyer Guide To Investing In New York Property

The guide for foreign buyers, written by Wei Min,

remains the original and most referenced article on the topic.

It has resulted in countless media inquiries and is top-ranked by Google

in searches relating to how foreigners can invest in New York property.

The guide for foreign buyers, written by Wei Min, remains the original and most referenced article on the topic. It has resulted in countless media inquiries and is top-ranked by Google in searches relating to how foreigners can invest in New York property.

Read more: Foreign Buyer Guide

Google Reviews

  • Weimin Tan is one of the best buyer’s brokers in Manhattan. He offers a wealth of knowledge and always pick the best deal for you as a customer. Very good service and response time and Weimin always goes that extra mile to satisfy you as a customer.

    High recommended.

    Steffen Saltofte

  • Wei Min helped me purchase two Manhattan condos in 2017. His knowledge of the market is amazing, he is very organized, has great attention to detail and SAVED ME tens of thousands of dollars with his negotiation skills. Wei Min is a pro at what he does, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Aidan Booth

  • Wei Min Tan is very straight-forward and professional to deal with. As I was buying into the Manhattan property market for the first time, he gave me lots of objective and honest insight into the state of the real estate market. He is very customer focused and invested a lot of time in introducing a suitable condominium. He is always responsive to emails and messages. When I made a first offer for an apartment, he advised me where to pitch my entry price, which despite being below the asking price, came up top among closely competing bids !

    Matthew Chan

  • Wei-Min is a true professional and a great partner. He helped me understand the New York market and worked tirelessly to find listings that fit my criteria. Most importantly, he gave me honest and constructive advice throughout the process from showing through to closing. I would highly recommend Wei-Min for anyone looking to buy or sell in Manhattan.

    Todd Aronoff

  • Wei Min Tan has been an excellent real estate broker who has helped me with multiple deals — I’d highly recommend him. Whether you are buying your home or an investment property — he is an informed and trusted advisor and always goes above an beyond.

    Sanjiv Agrawal

  • Wei min was instrumental in my purchase of an apartment in Manhattan. As a first-time buyer, I was naturally skeptical of the value that a buyer’s agent could bring to the process. Wei min absolutely proved otherwise. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and quickly picked up my wants and needs. He recommended apartments that reflected my chosen aesthetic and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He’s also patient, professional and courteous.

    Philip Lee

  • I think Weimin is the best broker I have worked with in New York, He is exceptionally knowledgeable about all facets of buying and selling – taxes, fees, appreciation…all of the details that can make NY real estate overwhelming. I’d recommend him to anyone renting or buying – he is simply extraordinary in his field.

    Allison Bennett

  • Being a broker for more than 40 years, I have yet to meet a real estate broker with more integrity or professionalism than Wei Min. He has always been extremely courteous, knowledgeable. I was dealing with a very emotional situation with my son moving out of our home for the first time. Wei Min’s easy going caring way made the move that much easier for me. He not only was there at the beginning, he is always there whenever a problem occurs ex: repairs… and follow-up, not just a fast commission. I fully endorse Wei Min as a professional.

    Larry L Adler

  • I worked with Wei Min Tan and he was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He was very diligent and it was obvious that he cares a lot about his clients. If you are one of his clients, he makes sure to devote his time and attention to you – not just during the sales process, but even after the sales process. He even spends a lot of time to make sure the insurance is done properly!

    Alan Chan

  • Weimin managed to zero in on a selection of properties that met our criteria after just a short series of correspondences. He handled the entire negotiation and transaction professionally and efficiently. We are thoroughly pleased with our purchase.

    Jimmy Lim

  • Weimin is definitely the most competent, professional, and personable real estate brokers I have ever had the pleasure of working with to find a new home. He takes careful consideration of your preferences and balances it with his own expertise and opinion of the most valuable sites in the area. I had a wonderful experience with Weimin, and would definitely recommend him as a broker.

    Maymay Liu

  • Wei Min is pure pleasure to work with and guides you throughout the process patiently and with genuine care. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, responsive and provides the right advice at the right time, not to mention a nice person.

    Amir Eyal

  • Although I cold contacted Wei Min, he has been very helpful and knowledgeable about investing in Manhattan properties. He has been kind and professional, and after a couple of days he pointed out a very interesting properties.

    I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for real estate advice in the area

    Cristiano Bellavitis

  • As an oversea investor who has little knowledge about Manhattan real estate, Wei Min provided excellence guidance and display absolute professionalism through the deal. His in depth knowledge in Manhattan condo is the most valuable for investor. He walked us through the whole process until the property is lease out. It has been a pleasure working with him and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment in Manhattan.

    L Loh

  • I found it quite a rewarding and interesting experience to work with Wei Min in buying the first condo in Manhattan for my family. First, he impressed me with his in depth knowledge of Manhattan properties and his strategic mindset. His advices were objective and made a lot sense when we compared the pro & cons and values for various condos. Second, I truly believe he knew what my family wanted even before I realized that myself. My husband and I ended up buying a unit in the building he showed us on the first day.

    Carol Pan

  • Weimin represented us in buying two properties for investment in Manhattan. He is a true buyer agent which we never experienced before. He is very knowledgeable. He knows every condominium in the Manhattan market and be able to provide us financial advice on the investment and return. More impressive is that he is also very responsive after the transactions.

    Andy Fung

  • I was looking to purchase a property in NYC and I feel so lucky that I got to know Wei Min Tan. Knowing nothing about real estate investment in the US, I needed a reliable and knowledgeable broker, and Wei Min Tan definitely meets that criteria. He explained every little detail to me during face to face meetings, through emails and phone calls. He even had translated handouts for my family to evaluate and compare. He is a broker who cares about his clients and he listened to my needs very well.

    Luna Wei

  • Wei Min has in-depth knowledge of the New York City condo & rental markets. He also has an excellent background in real estate as an investment vehicle. I highly recommend him as not only an excellent source of knowledge, but also a solid trustworthy sales agent.

    Chris Kwiatkowski

  • Wei min has been extremely helpful throughout the process which lasted quite a long time. He is patient, knowledgeable and understanding of my needs. He is a professional and I would love to work with him again in the future.

    Iris Chan

  • Wei Min Tan is a very nice and professional real estate broker. He deals with his clients in a very timely and professional manner. He is very knowledgeable in the real estate field and is more then happy to help answer any questions, even if you are not his client.

    Denise Lam

  • We just closed on an apartment after working with Wei for 3 months. There were ups and downs with negotiations, paperwork, seller backing out etc. Wei handled the process very professionally and advised us well on strategy. It has been a great experience and we highly recommend him and his team. Good job guys!

    Sean Anderson

  • Weimin was a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable on the Manhattan real estate market. He was helpful in explaining the basic legal and taxation framework to a foreign investor.

    Thomas Cheung

  • We are from HK and we screened our brokers from the other side of the world. In hindsight, it was quite risky. Yet, we are lucky to have found WeiMin on the web. He was very attentive to our emails and calls. When we arrived in NY, after meeting him in person we decided to go with him. He thoroughly analyzed the pros and cons of each area and screened the ones with investment values (we also got a chance to see those ones which make zero investment sense). The transaction was quite smooth and done when we were back to HK. Even more impressive is that he still puts much time after the transaction.

    Jacky Yeung

  • We found Weimin through internet research. We interviewed a few brokers and decided to use Weimin, ending up buying a two bedroom apartment through him. He is very professional and educated, and above all, he is not pushy, unlike most other brokers you’ll meet on the street.

    Google User

  • It was like speaking to a fund manager. I was referred to Wei Min as the broker to help purchase an investment condo in Manhattan, New York. I was quite knowledgeable with investment property yet I learnt from him when he explained the pros and cons of property investments in Manhattan, compared real estate returns to stocks / bonds and even to property investments in Hong Kong. Professional, polite and refined. Very prompt follow-ups.

    Google User

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