New York safest big city in America in 2018

Posted by Wei Min Tan on January 2, 2019

The New York Times reported that New York remains the safest big city in America with murder and violent crimes decreasing and continuing a 28-year trend.


According to the Brennan Center for Justice, New York’s murder rate is just above 3 per 100,000 in 2018.  The rate of Los Angeles is 6 per 100,000, Chicago around 20 and Houston just over 14.


As of December 30, there were 287 homicides in New York, down 5 from the prior year.  For context, the number was 2,262 in 1990.  Robberies were down 8 percent and shootings decreased by 4 percent.  However, number of rapes and hate crimes increased in 2018.  The authorities cite the increase in reported rape incidences may not mean more people were assaulted, but rather, more incidences were reported.


The exact reasons for the decrease in violent crime are hard to determine.  Criminologists cite factors including more effective policing, improved technology, violence prevention programs and social changes.



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