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Posted by Wei Min Tan on September 17, 2017
new york prime areas
Cast-iron building in Soho

Many of our foreign clients coming to buy investment property in New York are interested in the most prime areas of Manhattan, also known as New York, New York. The first New York refers to the island of Manhattan while the second New York refers to it being located within New York state.

Wanting the most prime areas is normal because high-net-worth individuals taking the effort to research and then invest in a different country thousands of miles away would want a property in a stable, blue chip and very prime area.

Contrary to what foreigners think, Fifth Avenue, Wall Street and Central Park are not the measures which determine whether an area is prime. These are touristy areas. Being touristy is different from being a prime area for residential property.


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Manhattan, New York is the United States’ prime area

The island of Manhattan (also known as “New York, New York”) is the most prime area of the United States. Manhattan is home to the most billionaires, the highest prices per square foot, highest rents and highest household incomes.

Living in Manhattan, identified by the famous 212 phone area code, is a status symbol.

However, we don’t have the highest number of luxury cars per capita as most Manhattan residents don’t own a car. This is because of the inconveniences of driving and looking for parking.

Super Prime

Within prime Manhattan, certain areas are more expensive in terms of price per square foot or rent. These are the super prime areas of Manhattan.

Below is a ranking of the most super prime areas within Manhattan based on two metrics for residential property.

Keep in mind that these are averages. The most expensive buildings in Manhattan such as One 57 and 15 Central Park West are not in either of these neighborhoods.


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Average 2-bedroom condominium
Greenwich Village $3.192 million
Tribeca $3,075 million
West Village $3,045 million
Soho $2.850 million
Flatiron $2.675 million
Manhattan average $1.67 million


Average price per square foot
West Village $2,245 per sqft
Tribeca $2,280
Chelsea $2,180
Soho $2, 096
Greenwich Village $2,094
Manhattan average $1,379

Data:  Streeteasy, Miller Samuel

It’s not just about Super Prime

Getting a property in a super prime area does not guarantee it will be a good investment. This is the macro level. The micro level would be getting a property in the right building and the right apartment within the building.

For example, having a bad facing apartment within a super luxury building is not good. Or having the most expensive apartment in a so-so building in a super prime area. The micro level – building and apartment within building – is where local expertise becomes invaluable when choosing an apartment.



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