Rawsome Treats – raw vegan pies without refined sugars

Posted by Wei Min Tan on May 23, 2018


Rawsome Treats is a new raw vegan dessert shop in the Lower East Side (158 Orchard St)  founded by my muay thai kickboxing instructor Chris Kwiatkowski and his wife Watt Sriboonruang.  


These dessert pies are:

(1) Made from raw plants and fruit

(2) Vegan (no milk or butter)

(3) Have no refined sugar or preservatives

(4) Gluten free – without flour


The Story:


Chris and Watt were both competitive muay thai kickboxing fighters.  Chris was a former world champion and Watt competed at the amateur level.  


Fighters need to lose weight for a fight and naturally, they would crave food, especially sweet food.  


That was when Watt developed Rawsome Treats, pies that are raw, vegan, gluten free and without refined sugars, which helped them satisfy their desire for sweets yet without the guilt that comes with eating refined sugars.


Rawsome started with an online presence in 2012 and they just opened their first retail store a few months ago.


Why I like Rawsome


These pies are great.  Being a workout fanatic, I am always hungry.  Sugary food tends to satisfy food cravings temporarily but we all know that eating ice cream, cookies or sugar-loaded brownies and pies, while providing satisfaction during the 10 minutes of eating, comes with a huge cost afterwards.  This includes the feeling of guilt and negative health effects which counter the healthy lifestyle we’re trying to achieve.


The main bad part about dessert is the refined sugar and fats.  Rawsome pies are an excellent alternative because there is no refined sugar and the fat is natural and plant-based.  Hence no guilt or health consequences of the conventional pie. The sweetness is from natural foods such as agave (not artificial sweeteners).  Most importantly, they are absolutely delicious.


It is possible to enjoy delicious pies that are good for you.



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