Strategy: Investing in pre-construction new development

Posted by Wei Min Tan on March 3, 2019

Investing in pre-construction refers to buying based on plans and renderings, before a property has been completed. Often developers start selling 1-2 years in advance of anticipated completion date. New developments can be either:

(i) Ground-Up Construction, where the whole building is brand new

(ii) Conversion, which means the building is existing/prewar and the developer is converting only the interior

New development with high ceilings in Midtown


Advantage of New Development

The advantage to the buyer, who is buying based on floor plans and viewing finishes at the sales office, is the pre-construction discount. Booking a unit typically requires 10 to 25 percent of the property price. The balance is due at closing which is also when the property is completed, during which time prices would have increased as well.

New developments have the best amenities which are very attractive to tenants. This strategy works well for all client categories – those who want to rent out, use as vacation home or simply park funds.


The Risk

The risk is that, if there’s a recession and the project stalls, the buyer’s 10 to 25 percent booking down payment would be tied up until a settlement occurs.

In addition, new developments may have issues with quality of construction, eg leakage problems, heating/air conditioning problems etc which buyers would find out after moving in.  With a Resale, the issues are already known since the building has been operating for years.  With new development, the issues are yet to be known.


Our Process With Clients

New developments are either luxury or ultra luxury. The selection process is similar, where we would recommend 3-5 projects based on the client’s objective and based on appreciation potential. We look for appreciation drivers in the neighborhood, where is rental demand coming from, whether rental yield meets expectations etc.

At the apartment level, it may get confusing because there are so many units to choose from. We would advise based on layout, floor, exposure and what the market wants.

Our value is in helping buyer clients identify the right property to buy based on objectives.  The property inventory is public information in New York through websites like  We would manage the entire buying process and after closing, rent out the apartment for clients.  That is when the buying process ends.

Hopefully our client is so pleased that we get a referral.


Wei Min’s media interviews by CNBC, CNN, New York Times on the subject of investing in Manhattan property

Deal Examples

1) One Seaport in FiDi.  Represented multiple buyers immediately after sales started, gaining most favorable pricing.  This is a Fortis development and designed by S Russell Groves, pricing between $1.2 million to $7.5 million.



2) The Sutton by Toll Brothers.  Amazing interior details and reservation deposit was 10 percent, maximizing leverage to buyers.  Represented multiple buyers, investment and self use, at the $2 million price point.

3) Halcyon in Midtown East.  Great location close to subway and United Nations, attracting top quality tenants for investor client.  Transacted deals between $1.7 million to $5 million.


This article was updated March 3, 2019




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