I’ll Take Fifth Avenue, Too

Posted by Wei Min Tan on October 30, 2017

Publication:  TheStreet.com


Summary:  Wei Min’s article about Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.



Take advantage of the recession, and snap up a Fifth Avenue apartment in New York.  That’s a common goal among many of our high net-worth clients, especially during the past year.  So what is Fifth Avenue and why is it so coveted?

Fifth Avenue in Manhattan stretches from Washington Square Park to 142nd Street.  The high-end retail stores — Prada, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Saks — line Fifth Avenue between 49th and 60th Streets.  At 60th Street, there’s a flagship Apple store, an FAO Schwarz toy store, and across from it, on the west side of Fifth Avenue, The Plaza hotel.

The Trump Tower, made famous in The Apprentice on NBC, is on this stretch as well.

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