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New York (Manhattan) Q1 2017 Condo :

Average price                        $3.01m (+4.4% vs prior year)

Avg price per SF                   $2,134 (+3.5%)

Transactions                          1,416 (+2.8%)

Days on market                       133 (+20%)

Residential Rents Mar 2017:

Average Rent                        $4,211 (+5.6% vs prior year)

Rent per sqft                          $65.88 (+1.2%)

Luxury property:
The luxury property market, defined by Miller Samuel as the top 10 percent of sales.

Median price                         $6.975m (+5.1%)

Avg price per SF                   $3,157 (+12.2%)

Transactions                             290 (+0.7%)

Days on market                         172 (+41.8%)

Data Source:  Miller Samuel Manhattan Q1 2017 Market Report

New York Apartment Prices Q1 2017

Key points on the Q1 Manhattan condo market
  • Avg sales price exceeded $3 million
  • Price per sqft of $2,134 up 3.5%
  • Transaction volume up 2.8%

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